Lettres à Fishbach

New Insights Into Global Consciousness And Terrorist Attacks




Sébastien Monnier as known as David Anderson (France)

Main direct or indirect co-authors and inspirations

Benoît Monnier (France)

Flora Fischbach (France)

Klimouna Saïdani (France)

and Camila Villazón (Chile)

The Latter Being Intermediary Element for Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI ♥ Us Since July 2018)


Precognitive Brain Central Hub Army

ETI-Assisted {1979–2019 CIA Fishbach Program}–Departed Agents

International Djihad-Possible Inversion Pivotal–Agents in the Western World

Praying for the Levant Area Renaissance and Support of the Emmanuel Macron’s Democracy in France


Sébastien Monnier as known as David Anderson. Born 1976. Professor of History and Geography (Éducation Nationale). PhD in Environmental and Universe Sciences (Paris 12 University). sebastien.monnier.ucv@gmail.com / david.anderson.bipolaire@gmail.com

Benoît Monnier. Philosopher. Born 1980. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benoit.monnier.71.

Flora Fishbach. Singer and actress. Born 1991. Facebook: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/FFishbach/. Tumblr: https://ffishbach.tumblr.com/.

Klimouna Saïdani. Born 1994. Event Planner. Master in Macro-economy (UPEC). Top model: https://www.modelmanagement.com/fr/model/klimouna-saidani/.

Romain Monnier. Born 1985. Social Planner. Master in Geography (Paris 1 University). Bleausard: http://fr.viadeo.com/fr/profile/romain.monnier2.

Camila Villazón. Born 1992. Missing on the Internet.


Valoy (https://fr-fr.facebook.com/TalkValoy/), Mylène, Naomi, Rose, Gabriela, Vanina, Angel, Silvia, Emmanuel, Brigitte, Nora, Stéphanie-Cola, Michelle, Alexandre, Nicolas, Mustapha, Zarka, Lorenzo, Laura, Élodie, Kelly-la-Rousse, Marina D, Marina-Tea-Time, Sandra, Ingrid ONU, Aurélie Besançon, 1991–2001 Generation Seine-et-Marne (France) Runners, National French Police, Daniel Balavoine, and the Résidence Belrose (France, Avon, Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, No. 34)s Residents Resilience and Patience.


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