What Does Mr. Emmanuel Macron Fear Nowadays?


Terrorism is mulifactorial:

1. Daesh (see: L’État Islamique Pour Les Nuls (Glossaire));

2. Gilets Jaunes and left-side movement’s constant pressure upon the LREM government;

3. Climate Change potentially manipulated by Climate Hackers (located in universities and research centers)

see: https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/peopleandpower/2019/06/climate-hackers-190613105804336.html.

The UK band Kasabian once told (“Glass”, 48:13, 2014):

A wise man told me that we are born with wings
But never taught to fly
Doesn’t that make you wonder why
Is it to prevent us from falling out of the sky
Or is it to stop us from soaring too high
So let me ask you this
Are you running around in a cycle
Going nowhere fast
‘Cause when you look at the man in the mirror
Is he made of nothing but glass
Were you never aware that mountains don’t move themselves
Tectonic plates take something to make them shift
That all it took was a staff to part the Red Sea
All it took was a bus to Montgomery
A single woman who refused to give up her seat
We fought an entire army with a bouquet of flowers back in the Seventies
But now you’re taught to remain a hamster on a wheel until you run out of energy
Afraid that if you strive for an ideal you end up like a Kennedy
It’s like being on a treadmill every day but never losing any weight
‘Cause to see success the food-for-thought you digest has to change
We’re stressed then high
Get depressed then die
But still afraid to question why
One of the biggest criminals I ever met wore a suit and tie
When did we stop believing?
When did we stop marching?
When did we stop chanting?

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