Space Science (SS) and Islamic State (IS) Threatens in Europe: Use of Advanced Technology and Manipulation of the Atmosphere in order To Provoke Cyber-Terrorist Attacks

The Event–Vacuum Theory in Thriller: in the song “Y Crois-Tu?”, the term “élément intermédiaire” means, in the end, “État Islamique.” Bipolarity Report was read in the Levant Area during Summer 2018 (according to statistics chart) just after the publication of the first version of “I Had a Sci-Fi Lullaby Dream” (see the second version in the First Chapter of PROGRESSES IN QUANTUM METAPHYSICS 1) and some Islamic State (IS) engineers mastering Quantum Vacuum have liked and used the literature concepts and spied and trapped David Anderson (the Other One of the real QC’s MI5 expert David Anderson) in his daily life. See the rest of the site for further details. Bipolarity Report and Fishbach would constitute base-level Twin Soul+Behaviors–Twin Towers. The Levant Area-based IS and Space Scientific Centers (CNESBIO, French and Canadian CNRS, see “Letters to Fishbach”) may shoot at some selected targets (the main heads of the Bipolarity Report‘s global consciousness) at any time from invisible Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar-like synthetic spheres for a global instantaneous chain-reaction terrorist attack of new generation. Underground IS can see and hear and record France’s life through David Anderson and the latter has lost view from his left-side eye. Flora Fischbach may have denounced David Anderson for moral harassment after seeing on the Pop In‘s walls in December 2018 a post called “The Funny End: Fishbach se met à la course à pied”, receiving too many times the printed and online versions of Bipolarity Report — oddly, in 2 years, she has never told David Anderson to stop writing, neither by mails nor by phone, although the site has always been totally public. IS knows Flora Fischbach may have voted for the extreme-right in 2017 and that the song “Ajmal Logha” was interpretated in order to seduce the “enemy” (and IS hate the rock’n bizness life style of the actress–singer). The endless play of the latter song attracked the IS presence above David Anderson between February and April 2019.

On 06 May 2019, David Anderson identified in the atmosphere a huge spatulate rock glacier-like tongue of static and internet electricity-filled clouds over the Eastern and Central part of France (see the site He heard through Quantum Vacuum-propagated waves the possible death of Camila Villazón, his ex-girlfriend in Chile, numerically teletransportated by programmers in the Río de la Plata, between Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Precognition or directly live event? (…)

David Anderson has identified that there was a huge electrical tension around the Nemours CHU where lives Benoît Monnier. The hypothesis has been made that Benoît Monnier and Emmanuel Macron were morally and electrically connected, which means that if we want to preserve the health and life of both of them, Benoît Monnier should exit the Hospital as soon as possible and live the life he deserves: drastic reduction in drug abuse and countryside journeys.

David Anderson has furthermore identified a cyber-media terrorist attack potential in the bohemian bourgeoisie-related sphere media (TMC) and the Gilets Jaunes’s strike and party movement. Such as for Flora Fischbach, times (now: 16 May 2019) are tough for the Head of State Emmanuel Macron, with a ravageous return of the Islamic State in Africa and in the Levant area, tireness, potential bipolar behavior, and possible burn-out. Many times, David Anderson has identified in the Gilets Jaunes movement the will of making a new “JFK”. Let us here recall how France is the most superficy-related electrified country in the World and therefore the perfect target for cyber-technological terrorism. In particular, the mostly electricy-tensed Ground Zero Points (GZP) should be surveyed: e.g., EDF Centrals, the whole Paris conurbation (especially the tensed arc going from the Arche de la Défense to Champigny/Marne passing through the Élysée, the Louvre, the Halles Forum, Fontainebleau–Avon City, the Nemours CHU, the Ardennes and Charleville-Mézières area, all the Haute Savoie-to-Hautes Alpes ski resorts, the Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon conurbation, the eolian energy camps, and all public hospitals.

We should all pray for the return of an equilibrium on Earth: Europe should demonstrate to the World a new faith-based global consciousness, with Police-assisted disconnection from the Internet, especially in Schools and Universities, as soon as possible, rediscovery of empathy and dialogue (welcome Total Recall-Bolos generation), reform of the Education sector.



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